Discover Your New Life in Northern Portugal with Portugal Pathfinders:

Paving Your Personal Pathway to Portugal!

Discover Your New Life in Northern Portugal with Portugal Pathfinders:

Paving Your Personal Pathway to Portugal!

Magic Of The Minho Tour

Is Portugal for you? Finding your place in Portugal is a challenge. A Mission! 

Sightseeing tours show you delightful places and people.

However, they ignore the practical challenges of living in a country different than the one you’re considering leaving.

Our mission is to remove some of the mystery. We seek to give you the information and insight necessary to make informed decisions and avoid costly mental, physical and financial mistakes.

While you are here, we will highlight multiple differences in housing, construction, lifestyle, food, shopping, language and day to day living in Northern Portugal.

  • Navigate local grocery shopping, where to find your familiar favorites, and how to discover new culinary delights.

  • Understand the Portuguese healthcare system, pharmacy services, and medical facilities.

  • Discover Portuguese housing: get a feel for residential neighborhoods, housing styles, and amenities.

  • Witness first-hand the differences in construction compared to the US and Canada. Heating, cooling, electricity and plumbing all have nuances in Portugal that can come as a surprise - and sometimes a reason for dissatisfaction when they aren’t known.

  • Experience the local culture firsthand, learning about Portuguese customs, language, and social etiquette.

  • Gain insights into the banking system and how to handle your finances in Portugal.

  • Understand public transportation and how to navigate the local area. This is significantly different from village to village and from town to city. 

  • Meet fellow immigrants and learn from their firsthand experiences, hear their stories, understand the challenges they faced, and the solutions they found.

  • And much more, all based on your unique interests and questions about life in Portugal.

We are ready to work with you!

Welcome to Portugal Pathfinders

Magic of the Minho Tour

Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

  • Upon arrival at the Porto airport, your hosts, Bob and Viv, will meet you.

  • On the drive back to Ponte de Lima, we can all get more acquainted.

  • Once here, you can settle into our welcoming guest apartment.

  • Depending on your energy level,  you can simply relax and recover, or we can share our personal journey and answer your questions.

  • We can also learn your story and expectations on your mission.

  • This evening will set the tone for the rest of your stay.


Day 2: The Authentic Northern Portugal

  • Establish your areas of greatest interest over a casual breakfast.

  • Coastal?

  • Small cities?

  • Villages?

  • Rural Quintas?

  • Scenic Vistas?

  • We will take you there! Along the way we will continue to enlighten your path on everyday life and the uniquely Portuguese approach to living..


Day 3: Immigrant Insights & Practical Portugal

  • Enjoy a day planned around your questions.

  • Meet with immigrants who are now locals and get more insider insights from those who made the move.

  • Experience the variety of grocery shopping opportunities.

  • Visit a pharmacy.

  • Check out some medical facilities.

  • Take advantage of proximity and return to a particular location of interest.

  • Get answers to real estate questions with a professional.


Day 4: Wrap Up & Plan Action

  • Relax and reflect along with your hosts.

  • Follow up on any remaining questions. (Extra local time may be possible at additional cost.)

  • Plan the rest of your Portugal visit with the help of your hosts who have contacts across the country.

  • Departure, including transport to Porto airport, nearest train, bus station or rental car.

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Spending time with us, Bob & Viv, will lessen the stress of making decisions like no tourist trip can ever do. It is a LOT of work to get a visa and make a move to another country and culture.

Our personal touch and a home away from home will calm your fears and open your minds and hearts to possibilities. Moving to Portugal is an ADVENTURE! An informed decision is a good decision!